4 Things you need to Know Before Moving to Germany

Moving to Germany

Have you already made your final decision on choosing Germany as your ultimate abroad study destination? If yes, then make sure not to forget enrolling yourself in the best German language classes so that you prepare yourself completely as per the education structure of Germany.

However, before you step into the German land, here are some of the most common things you need to know as it will help you greatly when you arrive in Germany.

  1. Seriousness for recycling

If you are not an ardent participant of saving the Mother Nature then soon you will be, once you come to Germany. Germany is highly-enthusiastic about making the planet Earth green and thriving which is why they make use of various dustbins that are specially-categorized by their functionality.

For instance, in Germany, the blue bins are for paper materials such as cardboard, magazines, egg cartons, etc.; green or white bins include trashes that are made of glass material like perfume bottles, alcohol bottles, etc. but remember the caps of the bottles go in the plastic bins as they are not glass. Likewise, the yellow or orange bins signify the garbage that are made of plastic, metal and packages that have a greet dot in them such as metal cans, plastic cans, non-refundable cans, composite packaging to name a few. Now comes the brown bins which are used for the biodegradable goods namely teabags, coffee grounds and filters, vegetable and fruit peels, egg shells, leftover foods, etc. Lastly, there are grey-colored bins that are used for the substances that do not fit into the other colored bins.

  1. Cash rules

As of now, many countries are directing towards making their respective nations a cash-free one by opting for various other options such as Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Transaction, etc. However, Germany, being the economic hub of the entire European Union, lays emphasis on maintaining an old-school approach towards transactions by using cash as much as possible. It is said that 80% of transaction in Germany occurs through cash. So, it is best for you to pack your wallet with large amount of cash because you are certainly going to need it.

  1. Sunday =rest day

Germans take Sundays very seriously and ensure that they are not disturbed in this very day which is why everybody gets a day off on Sundays to have a relaxed and peaceful time by themselves and their loved ones. Germany is quite strict about this approach to Sundays and advice people not to disturb others with loud noises and other similar things. Even the majority of shops are shut on Sundays except the bakeries, shops situated at gas stations and the convenience stores located in railway stations or airports.

  1. Rapid packing at supermarkets

You will be shocked to see that the German supermarkets are incredibly fast at the cash counter. Rather than slowly packing your belongings, you are expected to quickly pack your stuff once the transaction is done and clear the way for the next customer in line.


So, these were the topmost things you need to bear in mind before moving to Germany. Moreover, ensure to contact a German language institute to prepare for the German education in advance.

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