3 bizarre rules in Germany

Germany is a home to 8.25 crore people, exhibiting different cultures, making the country one of its kind. Being enriched with an interesting history and a modern political framework, the country is a favorite spot for most foreigners, be it students, corporate, or tourists.  As wonderful and rich Germany looks, it has a bizarre side to it as well, but that side is equally reasonable and supporting.

So here are the three German laws and rules that are going to leave you baffled:

You can’t drive with a learner’s license

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In India, people treat a learner’s license like a driver’s license, developing a bad road sense as a result. In India, license norms are lenient as compared to those of other countries, especially Germany.

Getting a license in Germany is like climbing a mountain. You need a qualified driving instructor to teach you how to drive. You can’t randomly learn driving from your friends or family because that won’t count. Also, you must take a specified set of driving lessons, in theory, and in practice to qualify as a driver.

In addition to the theory classes that you take, you must learn to drive not only outside your street but also on motorways, cross-country and during the night. A rule like that, though expensive, is efficient, because it at least produces drivers who have a good road sense, which minimizes accidents. Cool or un-cool? You decide.

An apartment without a kitchen? Seriously?

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We can imagine your reaction to this fact about Germany, but that’s the truth. Unlike the fully furnished apartments that you find in India, you will get a kitchen-less apartment in Germany. Yes! You need to bring your own kitchen with you.

Installing a kitchen is necessary because the previous tenants would have taken theirs with them. So this process of installing a kitchen in addition to taking care of other requirements makes moving in a more tiresome process than it already is.

Crossing the road without the green man is a no-no

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The pedestrian crossing takes different forms in different countries, one of them being Germany. While in other countries you can cross the road when there is no car in sight, or when the signal is red, you cannot do that in Germany.

In Germany, crossing the road is not allowed if the green man on the traffic light is not showing. You do that and you will be fined by the police. Such a rule has been made to make people follow the traffic rules and prevent mishap by foolish actions on the roads.

Each step you take is being watched. Whether the traffic light is red or not, whether a car is in sight or not, you cannot cross the road without the green man.


Did these German laws and rules leave you flabbergasted? Or amazed? Germany is a country that has everything for a reason.

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