10 Genius Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Learn a Language

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The smartphone you have can actually be more useful than one can think. Apart from taking pictures and watching series online, you can perform the varieties of productive work, the only thing is you have to be creative enough to think that way!

Language learning is one of those productive things which you can do with the help of smartphones. It can strengthen your language skills especially when you use your phones to supplement your learning in between regular lessons with professionals. Are you ready to get started? Try these tips and make your phone into a portable language learning console:

  1. Visit relevant sites

Just the way you play games on fun apps, explore some fun sites for language learning too. It is advisable to ask from your tutor to recommend some useful sites which will guide you in the language learning process.

  1. Look up to YouTube videos

Try watching music videos in your target language. Usually, one can find the lyrics in the notes below the video if you need to grasp the extra help.

  1. Listen to foreign music on your phone

You can also discover the new artists and reap the benefits along with listening to music in your target languages. It is heavily depends on the language you are targeting so you can find the similarity with your native language. Be it English, German or Spanish, music can do wonders in every language. Listening to music can make your road of language learning smoother. Find the similarity between languages like German and English languages have a lot more in common. So, if English speaker want to learn German, he/she can easily do without facing nay problems. Also, if you are one of those people who are interested in learning German, go for the best German language Institutes in Delhi.

  1. Play with the WhatsApp messages with each other

Since it is secure and free, you should not ignore the power of communication on WhatsApp. Send jokes; share your daily routine, etc on your target language.

  1. Try Snapchat in other languages

Create snaps to practice your target language or watch snaps from the language you are interested in. It will not only make you learn better but provide insight into the new happenings of your target country.

  1. See the WordReference App

This handy dictionary is way more useful than any other thing. It also includes the points from native speakers who share the meaning of some difficult phrases.

  1. Create a list of new Vocabulary

Grasping new vocabulary is the key in language learning and keep it on your phone will help you to review it frequently.

  1. Talk to Google

Changing settings on your phone to your target language can provide the best help. Moreover, try some deep and long conversation with Siri (Google).

  1. Change the language settings of your phone

Change the language settings of your phone especially for some app you frequently use and see the improvement.

  1. Join communities to get more help

The best and efficient way to learn any foreign language is to join the community of the targeted language and try to communicate with natives there.


What’s more? Watch movies on your phone but this time in your interested language, feeling better about your smartphones? With these tips, you can achieve the desired fluency in your targeted language whether it is English, Spanish, or German. Also, if you are keen to adapt the German language and looking for help; enroll yourself in the Best German Language Courses in Delhi

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