Study Medicine / MD in Germany

Medicine is basically the art of curing or preventing any disease. We the humans have been using medicines in one way or another over years. In order to understand how modern medicine got such importance, it is important to read about the medicine. Many students aspire to study medicine all around the world. Medicine heals pain, chucks wail and above all, it gives great satisfaction to the doctor who prescribes it to the patient. Indian history reveals the special powers of medicine, Ayurveda is one among them. People in ancient times used herbs and roots to cure various diseases. Doctors in their time were treated most respected and this respect continues till date to hardworking doctors. Historical as well as other aspects symbolizes the need of doctors and medicines till the time the humanity exists. So a great career in medicines is ever ready for all aspirants.

To be proficient in this field it is very important to get good knowledge, and good knowledge resides in a good college. Integration and availability of information through electronic resources made students smarter in exploring their necessities. Germans are well known for their skills in the field of medicine. The government and skilled professors in Germany supports this field well knowing the importance of medicines. Getting a chance to study medicine in Germany is a matter of immense pleasure and pride.

Studying medicine in Germany generally take a bit more than six years. Firstly students are provided basic studies program with an emphasis on the basic science subjects (physics, chemistry and biology) and the fundamentals of medicine (physiology, biochemistry and anatomy). This phase ends with a state-administered medical examination. With the completion of the first phase, the student moves on to the main course of study in core areas of medicine that includes lectures, seminars and laboratory works. This again is followed by a year of practical training period in a clinic or hospital, which is known as the "Practical year", which focuses on surgery, medicine and a self chosen subject by the student. This ends with the second medical exam and followed by training to become a specialist.

Deciding to pursue a career in medicine and the decision to study medicine in Germany is always the right choice.