Study MBBS / MD / Medical & Nursing Courses in Germany

Medicine & Nursing is a discipline which is considered very exhaustive and has its own merits, the job of a doctor or nurse is considered very respectable and when you are planning to pursue your medical studies in Germany there are certain procedures you need to follow. The doctor carries a great responsibility in his job that’s why there are certain procedures which needs to be followed such as having a Medical Licensure. According to it Medical Licensure is given to a person who has basic knowledge, skills and capabilities in the medical subjects to treat the ailing persons.

foto The medical studies in Germany require a degree of Abitur or equivalent to it for the students of foreign countries. Plus there are rules also for the international students to study Medicine in Germany like the degree equivalent to Abitur. For a seat in universities of Germany to study medicine requires grades from the Stiftung fur Hochschulzulassung. For getting a seat into the universities of Germany for medical studies one has to write the test which is called Medizinterest which is taken to test the ability of an applicant to evaluate the applicant’s interest and abilities to study human physiology. The studies of Medical sciences are divided into two parts which are pre clinical part in which a student has to go through three months nursing training programme which gives a student knowledge on the part of theoretical knowledge about diagnosis and treatment of ailments after that a student is eligible for taking further his medical studies to second part which is usually takes six years to complete, students have to write a state test after two years of studies of medicine to prove their competence in medicine.

A four months traineeship program is a must before taking admission in the second part which also consists of practical test and oral exams of general medicine, pharma-co-therapeutical and health management. The test which is taken by state after two years of medical studies is necessary for continuing the medical studies as licencure is provided by only passing this examination and rest of the tests are taken by universities and evaluated by the performance on yearly credits. These credits are necessary to take admission in the last practical year which consists of 16 weeks of training in surgery, internal medicine, general medicine each or in other specialization too. But in some universities the study of medicine is not divided into two parts with training programme one can attend to the patients in the hospitals for functional experience but under the supervision of an experienced doctor. This bifurcated study plan for studies in medicine is applied into the German universities from 2003-04 winter sessions only.

Students from abroad need to have a good knowledge of German language so that they can write the state evaluation programme but for the rest of the studies can be pursued in English and for the students who wish to study medicine in Germany it brings them so many opportunities if they complete their studies in medical sciences they can practice in any part of the European union as the degree of medicine acquired in Germany is approved by various countries in Europe.