Study Nutrition & Dietetics in Germany

Nutrition and Dietetics Education programmes builds on the fundamental knowledge gained by Bachelors degree holders. As a Masters student, one is focused on the effects which certain foodstuffs have on healthy and on ill persons. Insights into biomedicine gained through primary research are put into practice and applied within the context of further clinical research. Also examined are the socio-cultural, economic and psychological aspects of clinical medicine.

foto They have at their disposal a wide spectrum of methods used in applied research. Graduates are able to plan, execute and report on projects dealing with primary research and practical application completely on their own, as well as to publish their findings afterwards. Using the key skills which they have acquired during the programme, graduates are well-qualified to work in clinical research and medical facilities. They quickly comprehend concepts in nutritional science and clinical nutrition and are able to analyze these even further, as well as to put them into practice and explain them to others.