Study Commercial Law in Germany

Commercial law- encompasses different types of laws such as finance and property law, corporate law, employment law, marketing law, international trade law, intellectual property law, investment law, and taxation law. Each of the above has an altogether different approach. Commercial law as the name speaks is related to the laws that are enforced in business and dealings from purchases to processing to selling and their in between. It is enforced to maintain a code of conduct between the parties who are dealing. It is very necessary to practice commercial in a business as it touches all the departments from HR to finance to marketing to operation to presentation to scheduling and other such subdivisions. Students pursuing in this field have to make sure they learn its importance as just learning about the law is not ample, enforcing it and practicing it regularly and correctly is more important. Commercial law in itself is vague so there are different facets of commercial law from which a student can select one and specialize in it.

foto Below are the details on same- Consumer protection- a law designed to protect the rights of consumer. A student learns the importance of a consumer and its rights and learns how consumers can be protected from unfair trade practices.

Environmental law- student gets to learn about the human activities which are good and harmful to the environment. From air pollution to sound to land to water pollution, etc, a detailed study on the environment and the laws that protects it.

Intellectual Property Right- a law that protects a person’s intangible asset. A person patents it creation for eg; music, a script, a rhyme, a poem, a scene, etc.

Labor law- acknowledges about the powers of a labor. About the relation that is needed to be maintained between an entrepreneur and labor. Enlightens that there should not be any misuse of the person employed and should be paid his wages correctly and on time.

Commercial law is very much necessary to be studied so that the student gets to know the governance, conduct and order that need to be maintained while setting his future goal in career.