Mathematics in Germany Language is a major area of concern for the students who are going to Germany for higher studies. It is very important to know at least basic German to understand the people there and enjoy life in Germany as a student and further as an employee. The major languages which are offered by major universities and institutions are German Studies which covers sources and examples of modern language – Modern German Studies, but also the earlier forms like Gothic Old High German, Old German Studies and Middle High German. Also in includes Minor Germanic Languages like Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.

After German the major language comes is Jewish. Degree Programmes in Jewish Studies or Judaic Studies mainly involves teaching and research about the history of culture and Religion of Jewish People which as old as 3000 years. Jewish Studies or Judaic Studies ties-up with the traditional science of Judaism, which emerged as an independent discipline in the 19th Century. All these degree programmes are open to all applicants irrespective of their religious dominations but the associated training programmes for rabbis, cantors and religious educators are exception to this.

Linguistics and Speech Sciences are also one of the most preferred language studies in Germany. German Universities offer courses in linguistics either in form of historical-comparative studies or as general linguistics and the study of linguistics is taught within the scope of individual philologies. Study of speech science, phonetics and rhetoric deal with educational and communication-theoretical and is certain cases involves speed therapy which includes aspects of speech. Linguistics and speech sciences have close links with respective neighbouring disciplines such as education, anthropology, computer science, ethnology, logic, philosophy and psychology as well.