If you are planning your higher studies abroad in Germany the first thing you need to understand is the grading system for the reason that you have to translate your grades in the past studies according to the German grading system to be able to apply for the courses you intend to study and to be able to have a grasp over the grades you score while you are pursuing the courses during your studies in Germany to pass exams. Basically there are two grading patterns used in German education grading system, the first one starts with grading of one to six which means if you score grade one means you are doing ‘very good’ and grade six means that your score are ‘very bad’ and at the bottom of grading system. If you score less than grade four means you didn’t pass the exam. This system of grading starts from t he very beginning of schooling to tenth year and most of the universities and colleges follow this grading system evaluating the performance of students.

If you translate the grading pattern from grade one to six they stand for:

Grade 1 - Very Good

Grade 2 - Good

Grade 3 - Satisfactory

Grade 4 - Adequate

Grade 5 - Poor

Grade 6 - Very Poor

Another system of grading is used for grading is used after the year ten of the schooling mainly because of the reform and for the exam of Abitur which is the landmark year for the German students, with the grades of Abitur they can apply for the higher studies in universities and colleges. This system follows from points 0 to 15 which is more comprehensive than the last one. These grading points are as follows:

Points 15 - Better than very good

From point 12 to 14 - Very good

From point 9 to 11 - Good

From points 6 to 8 - Satisfactory

Point 5 - Adequate

From points 2 to 4 - Poor

From points 0 to - Very poor

For obtaining the degree of Abitur the points of previous year’s exams are also considered apart from final exam which are more important in ascertaining the eligibility for the higher education courses. To be able to apply for higher studies you need to obtain a certain grade which could be translated for foreign students. Also after the certain reforms there are certain points for attending the lecture and exercise which is known European Credit Transfer System which are added with other grades to calculate an average of the grades to ascertain whether you have made progress in your studies after this only your final degree is considered complete.