Study Production Engineering in Germany

Production Engineering deals with management of different types of issues arising in the industry which deals with production of industrial products. The field of Production Engineering deals with further automation of production processes and optimization of the methods involved to increase the overall production with enhanced quality. This is a broad domain which covers Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Process Engineering, Automation Engineering, Information Systems along with Industrial Engineering.

foto The main role of a production engineer is to collaborate with specialists of all the above areas for developing new products or production processes to make the production of best quality and at the most economical way. Modules of this study delivers the theory of principles of the fields mentioned above along with CAD, Computer Science, technical designing, material science and ergonomics’.

Consolidation of modules include factory planning, production planning, production management, production resources & logistics management, design and placement of machine tools, metals processing, CNC Engineering, industrial logistics, project and human resources management, forming technology, industrial logistics, material flow technology, industrial robots, applied computer science/information systems, quality management, environmental protection. Depending on the chosen core study areas (e.g. production engineering or production management), further modules such as technical or management orientated subjects, complemented by project management and foreign languages.