Study Micro Engineering in Germany

Micro engineering is the art and science of creating, designing, integrating and manufacturing miniature components, instruments and systems. The main characteristic of this domain is its multidisciplinary nature; a micro engineering system integrates electronic and mechanical elements with computational, chemical and optical elements, as well as with various materials. Furthermore, a device's manufacturing aspects are as important to micro engineering as it function. The master in Micro engineering at Germany is an ideal training towards innovative applications in highly attractive sectors, e.g. portable communication devices, biomedical devices, and the watch industry.

The industry today produces devices smaller and smaller. And if it is able, thanks to the micro technology that can create, manufacture and use of devices, systems and components the size of micrometer or even nanometer! Always smaller, this is the slogan of specialized equipment producers, but also the general public ... it suffices to consider the evolution of mobile phones in the mid-80s, still required a bag of 20 pounds! Micro technology is not limited to the miniature object. It is found upstream, in the design of machines for the production of these objects. These production machines also incorporate themselves micro-components and devices produced by micro technology! This field of engineering sciences is characterized by its multidisciplinary: micro technology systems are developed with computer electronics, chemical, mechanical, optical and various materials.

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