Study Geo Engineering in Germany

Geo-engineering is branch of engineering which involves the use of various techniques supported by concepts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and geology to understand the various phenomena of planet earth. This helps in the discovery, development and production of the earth resources. The study of the same requires undergoing dedicated training in specialized academic programmes with the purpose of understanding techniques to model the geospatial data.

foto Geo-engineering mainly caters to the following three verticals- mining, energy and infrastructure. Activities such as exploration, creation, production of alternate sources of energy, hydro exploration, isolation of toxic wastes, and etc. are covered widely in these three main headings. GEOENGINE is one such M.Sc. program which has been designed keeping in mind the learning objectives of students, government employees and private companies, who expertise in geomantic engineering. This course is an international course which caters to individuals and companies all around the world who have an appetite for the subject. This course helps in building concrete mathematical fundamentals, theoretical knowledge and geo-methodologies so that the students can carry out functions like-
Representation of geo data Positioning and navigation methodologies In depth knowledge of telemetric

The course spans over a period of one and a half years, which includes two semesters related to theoretical and practical learning and one full semester dedicated to the thesis research purpose. Geo engineering in general is a very lucrative course as earth has been the centre of attention for government and private company funded research since beginning as both seek to improve power efficiency and look at methods of utilizing the energy resources optimally and also help to find sustainable alternatives to existing and known sources of energy. Being part of this course will help the students get expertise in a very crucial field which is also of high interest to the scientists.

With the increased burden on nature likes of which have never seen before due to the increasing pressure of industries and global competitions, the focus is high on gaining as much as information possible of the earth.