Study Environmental Engineering in Germany

We all have read, been taught, observed and studied how much environment is important for human being. How much we need the environment for our development. Survival of humans on the earth depends a lot on the environment. At the same time development can never be abandoned by human race, because if we abandon the development we will reach a point of stagnation, a quagmire where there won’t be any escape. So solution is sustainable development and this can be achieved with the assistance of environmental engineering, which makes masters in environmental engineering in Germany an extremely prestigious course.

Environmental engineering students who study environmental engineering in Germany go through the theoretical concepts of environmental science and then apply them with the real life engineering principles. They aim to maintain a sustainable development and a healthy environment without causing any alteration to the speed of the development.

Germany has a goal as per which they want to have 80 percent of electric production in the German market from renewable resources by the year 2050. And this is the idea that is fueling the energy and environmental technology industry of Germany. Ever since federal government decided to turn off all the nuclear power stations by 2022, the industry has been working head over heels to find solutions in the form of an alternate power source. One of the most widely available natural renewable energy sources is wind energy. Power generated by wind turbines is relatively new phenomenon but it has been gaining rapid ground.

In last few years there has been substantial growth in wind industry and it has flourished. One can understand this by the fact that there have been over 101,000 new jobs created by this industry alone, paving the road to a bright career for those who study environmental engineering in Germany. They are producing around 8 percent of total electricity that is being used in Germany. The export rate of this sector is somewhere to around 75 percent. At present there are about 21,000 wind power stations in Germany, with many more to come. During next 20 years wind parks are set to be erected in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. While pursuing masters in environmental engineering in Germany, students specialize in one of the concentrations of the program.

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