Automotive engineering is a discipline which deals in designing and manufacturing of cars and rail vehicles unlike aerospace and marine engineering. Automotive engineering in Germany or in any other country for that matter is a subset of mechanical engineering which works in consonance of different fields of engineering like electronic and electrical engineering, IT and information systems which compliment the overall manufacturing of an automotive vehicle.

Germany and automotive industry share a long history. The legendary Mr. Carl Benz has manufactured first automobile in the 19th century and Germany occupies the 4th position worldwide into the largest automobile producing countries after Japan, USA and China. Because of the demand for German engineered cars worldwide it is the core driving force which is boosting the economy of Germany. The automobile industry in Germany acquires a large pool of talent from colleges who have done their bachelors or Masters in automotive engineering in Germany and about 742,000 employees are hired in 2011 only in which the percentage of university graduates were highest around the world. Automobile industry plays a crucial role as it is most demanded exported good into the list of foreign trade of Germany with other countries which strengthens its position in terms of foreign trade if compared with other European countries.

The automobile industry serves its purpose by giving boost to other industries as well, because of the services provided by whole lot of material supplier industries like mechanical engineering works, metal works, textile and chemical industries get their share of profit by servicing to the needs of the automobile industry. The year of 2011 was considered as a milestone in the history of German automobile industry as it has made a record of producing highest number of cars which shows its cars growing demand around the world. With its awe inspiring technology into the automobile industry Germans have made their foray into top car manufactures as it places a lot of confidence into the students who wish to study bachelors or Masters in automotive engineering in Germany. With the growing demand there has been a large increase in the talent acquisition from universities of Germany which makes the future of aspiring students who intend to study automotive engineering in Germany.

There are ample opportunities into the field of research in automobile industry for students of automotive engineering in Germany as German cars have distinguished image of high level of technological soundness and innovativeness in structural and technical change. There has been a surge in research amongst automobile manufacturers for manufacturing alternate fuel efficient cars which are more environmentally compatible and have a reduced carbon emission than the competitors. German automobile manufacturers are clear leader into the field of alternate fuel engines and have an edge when it comes to efficiency. With its huge funding in the area of R&D in automobile manufacturing there are around 10 patents filed everyday as compared to other industries in Germany. There are clearly lots of opportunities to explore for the students who wish to study automotive engineering in Germany.

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