Growing number of air traffic is making the field of air transport a promising field for the one who are planning to pursue their career in aerospace engineering in Germany, aircraft manufacturing or even as cabin crew in flight or at the airports as it is predicted that air traffic will be doubled in Europe itself in the year 2025. For providing support to this huge traffic and catering to their expectation air transport industry have to expand itself in the various aspect such as aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and heavy engineering, cabin crew and airport staff.

Aerospace engineering in Germany has a lot of scope for study and research as Germany is considered as a hub of research in the field of aerospace industry and technology. This industry consists of strategic key technologies which are related to study of Earth and Solar system, research in innovating environment sustainable technologies and developing technologies for safer air transport which doesn’t put burden over environment by releasing GHG. Air transportation contributes 3 per cent of air pollution as of today which is an alarming situation.

German aerospace industry promotes research and development of aerospace technologies through huge funding support with an average of 17 per cent of their overall revenue for the development of aerospace industry. German government also support study and research in the field of aeronautical engineering in Germany through various programmes and this research receive a whopping 1 billion euro grant every year from government which constitutes largest area within high tech funding strategy, attracting students for studying masters in aerospace engineering in Germany.

Aeronautical engineering offers majors in:

  • Aircraft designing and lightweight structures
  • Cabin and cabin systems designing
  • Aerodynamics
  • Air drive systems
  • Flight system dynamics
  • Aeronautic systems
Aeronautical engineering in Germany has its own fascination, it works in the fields of developing advance technologies to make possible the futuristic designs which increases performance and sustainability of aerospace industry. For the development of aviation industry of Germany, Federal Government plays important role by providing support and funds through certain networks of educational institutions and funding partners with the goal of establishing a state of art infrastructure in the fields of aerospace research and development, in turn benefitting students interested in pursuing masters in aerospace engineering in Germany. Research in aviation also emphasizes on developing sustainable technologies and environment friendly design that helps in maintaining climate and its protection through less emission of GHG.

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